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  1. Immediate delivery. You add your material to our website. It’s published immediately.
  2. User-friendliness. After your material is published, you’ll see the button ‘Download certificate of publication’ at the bottom of the page.
    Download your certificate in JPG or PDF – it’s times faster than getting it by post or with currier.
  3. Quality. Certificates have high resolution, so you can print them not only with a home printer, but also in a printshop or photostudio.
How certificate of publication looks like

Below you’ll find a sample of an online certificate of publication in the open international ‘Presentations’ catalog.

gold primer

After your material is added, your certificate of publication will be stored on our server.

It means, you may download your certificate and print it right from the website any time you like.

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Below you’ll find a list of frequently asked questions and answers.

How can I get my certificate?

After your material is added, you’ll be redirected to the page with your presentation, where you can download (a jpg or pdf file) or print your certificate.
+ We’ll send you e-mail with a link to your presentation (if you agree to this option when uploading your material).

I forgot to specify my job title when adding my material? What should I do?

You can edit your material selecting ‘edit’ on the upload page.

My material has been added. How can I get my certificate?

  1. Find the page with your educational material. Use search or presentation catalog.
  2. Click ‘download certificate of publication’ at the bottom of the page.

My material has two authors.

Two authors – two certificates!
You may upload one material made with a co-author.
When adding your material, specify the name and the last name of your co-author, and you’ll find the additional link ‘download certificate of co-author’ on the page of your presentation.